Will Black Friday Turn Into Red Monday?

Black Friday is the kick off and that means:

  • Long Lines

  • Great savings and deals

  • Crowded store

  • Stressed parents (they want the best new toy for their kid)

  • Crying, whining children

  • Sneaky shopping tactics

I cannot stear you clear of the screaming kiddos or the stressed parents but I do know the Black Friday credit card mistakes to avoid. As well as some sneaky tips for getting the most out of your credit cards on Black Friday.

Do not shop until you read the post below.

4 Black Friday Credit Card Tips you must know.

The holiday shopping season can bring out all of the emotional shoppers and be devasting financially afterward.

Don't be one of those "people".

Talk soon

Pam 'happy shopping' Wheeler

P.S. You definitely want to read the first tip. It tells you deals to take advantage of...

. . . but more importantly it tells you the deals you need to avoid.

Don't do this on Black Friday

It could cost you a lot more long term than any short term benefit.