Make Your money Work Harder and Smarter

MyCredit Matters is one of the few companies that makes available money management tools. These tools will help someone who has never made a budget get a working plan so they have their money in balance and it will also help those who already have a budget get a super charged budget. Its suprising how many individuals have sketchy budgets especially in this economy. I have yet to meet a client that has money to pay bills, money to spend AND money to save. I've considered that I am good with money and when I reviewed the program that is now available to MyCredit Matters clients I improved my money plan. Its scary that there are households across America that not only live paycheck to paycheck but have no money set aside for 'what if' situations. The really cool thing about doing that type of planning is the emergencies either slow way down or come to a screaching halt. Murphy's law- If anything can go wrong , it will. Well Murphy goes away and bothers someone else when you plan for an emergency fund. People fall into either of two categories: those who overspend and are always faced with the drama that creates and those who pay bills, pay bills and pay more bills. No matter how much money you make or how little you can learn to allocate your dollars to pay household bills, spend some money and save some money. The problem is most folks don't know where the balance should be. Nor do they know what method to use so when their income fluctuates they end of having a major budgeting crash. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming train.