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Self Assessment Test

It is MyCredit Matters mission to arm each client with functional information so you can maintain a higher credit score. This self test is here so you can either stay on track or get back on track to successfully complete this program. Your credit score improvement is directly related to how responsibly you perform in this program and how compliant your creditors are. You will gain more points when our office can submit our work as soon as you receive your reports.  If you are not getting your required information in on or before the deadline and our office has to chase you down for payment, you are cheating yourself out of the benefit of MyCredit Matters going to bat for you with your creditors. Many times when a client has been responsible and our office states that in speaking with your creditor, that creditor has been persuaded to grant the removal of your negative pay history. When you are late in getting our office the necessary paperwork we require to work in your file you will not get as many points back and the points you do get back will take much longer. MyCredit Matters cares about your success.


Take the personal evaluation test to see if you are on track to successfully complete the program.

You can come back and take the test again if your results prove to be anything less than spectacular.


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