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Debt Repayment

 The points lost from negative pay history don't come back simply by paying the debt.Points come back when they are negotiated off. Once the credit bureaus report negative pay history if an account is paid, it is marked paid unless previous to that it is negotiated to be removed.

Debt repayment stops harrassing collector calls usually within a 90 day window. During that time you have been set up with a monthly payment on a day of your choosing. Your debtors receive proposals to accept. This approval process occurs during this 90 day window. 

You pay back 2% of the original debt you owe and the money goes to an escrow account where it is accumulated until a debt can be settled. Money is accumulated again and another debt settled. The first two payments go to MyCredit Matters for collecting data and grooming your file for our debt repayment affiliate.

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