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My Enrollment Agreement and Terms of Service

When you enrolled, you received a docusign envelope to complete your enrollment packet. Included in that envelope was your enrollment agreement and terms of service detailing the program and your responsiblities. In the event you did not save a copy listed below is a facsimile of the two documents that you signed.

My Enrollment Agreement

You are now an important member of our team. It takes both of us for you to be a success. A copy of an enrollment agreement like the one you signed is posted here. If you have any questions let me know.

please note* addresss change pob 460874 aurora co80046

My Terms of Service


Terms of service provide details about the program. Our consumer education courses are listed, Everything from the required information in order to work in your file, billing, penalties, and more. Follow the guidelines and you'll be our next success story. To access a copy of your terms of service click on the icon below.

MyCredit Matters Docusign


The docusign process is used by banks and lenders nationwide. Your information is uploaded to a secure server. You receive a branded email with a link to review your documents. You choose an electronic signature and forward to the secure server. Your information never leaves this server. To view details on docusign and our disclosures click on the icon below.

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