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Basic Service

MyCredit Matters was developed out of a need to have solid information to go along with a higher credit score. We care about your credit possibly more than you do. This business was created with you in mind and formulated on the success of individuals just like you who have already gone through the program. 


In the basic program you will receive your credit reports each time this office sends in work and you will then fax/ email them in to our office. You are  provided with a private link made available only to our customers. Here you will find out just how to budget your money so you can pay bills, spend money and save money.  You'll also find out how to apply for credit so you get approved without losing points on your credit reports.   ,    ,    ,   and more. You are provided with a progress report as you gain points back.

Debt Repayment

This program is for the individual who has collections or unpaid debt. A single monthly payment is made and the debt is negotiated down and removed from your credit report. Unfortunately points do not come back just by paying the debt alone, it must be negotiated off your credit reports.


Let us handle your debt service needs. 

Short Sale Professionals

MyCredit Matters has teamed up with short sale professionals to provide the best possible choices when faced with foreclosures. Let our professionals take the stress off you and find buyers for your home. You may even qualify for money at closing to help you in your move.

Business Credit

Do you own a business and need to raise your business credit score or establish business credit? MyCredit Matters can help you with just that. We can incorporate you with the least amount of taxes owing and the most amount of tax benefits.

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