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Our top notch online courses pack a punch with value. We help you get your money in you have money to pay bills, money to spend and money to save. The courses cover everything from budgeting to discovering which things add to or subtract from your credit score to applying for credit without losing points to learning the best way to pay off debt to protecting your credit against Identity Theft and so much more.


MyCredit Matters teams up with top grade professionals to provide an array of services such as short sale professionals to extend to you the best possible choices available when faced with a foreclosure.


We have raised credit scores from 486 to over 850 and from 720 to 990.

Tip: No one else offers this kind of service tailored to your individual needs along with lots of one-on-one support.



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Take advantage of this special offer and get a jump start on better credit before this month ends. Don't forget to visit My Orders. Be the first to add as much as $1000 to your income this year.


MyCredit Matters has been helping families just like yours for over a decade. 


If you don't have the highest score 990--there's room for improvement. 

If you have lost your job, are going through or have already been through a divorce, bankruptcy, dating, just got married, want to buy a home or get a better interest rate..this program is perfect for you.

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