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Join Our Affiliate Program

Our clients earn back money they spend by referring others to the program. Lenders can earn credit towards their own enrollment or transfer it to a friend.

Rewards Program For Clients. 


You've taken the first step and enrolled in this great program. You have friends, co-workers and other family members who could use the same help you're getting. For each individual you refer who signs up you get a $20 credit. For couples that you refer who enrolls together you get a $30 credit. Their partner gets a discounted rate too. Just click on the button below and list your acquaintance name and phone number, we do the rest and you earn the money credit.

Rewards Program For Companies


If you are a lender, insurance agent, investment broker or customer service rep and you would benefit from your customer's having a higher credit score, we have an affiliate program for you. For each person you refer you accumulate points that you may use for yourself or transfer to someone of your choosing. You provide their name and contact number and we do the rest. You earn the reward.

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